Sunday, 15 January 2012

:: LIFE ::

One thing about life that tells us it isn't always fair is how we ignore the ones who love us the most, yet we love the most the ones who just ignore us. Just because someone may not love you as you love him or her, doesn't mean that you should ignore all of those who love you. Doing so is a decision that all of us usually make either purposely or by default at one point in our lives, and is also an important lesson for us to learn from for the rest of our lives....and

If someone doesn't treat as special as you deserve to be treated, and doesn't love you the way that you deserved to be loved, as a person who is uniquely and wonderfully made, chances are this person doesn't deserve to have you in their lives. Make time and effort for the people who still love you and for the people that will always love you, instead of devoting yourself to those who just ignore how beautiful of a person you really are...hurm...

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